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Robert "Prophecy" Simmons is a 24 year old self-taught artist specializing in Photography & Fashion 

Growing up in small-town Milton, Ontario. Prophecy was always obsessed with an art form to help him escape, From his early ages of watching heavy metal and punk bands as a kid, to picking up a camera in high school, to launching his clothing brand after graduating. There isn't much creatively that he hasn't laid his fingers on. Prophecy says his art consists of a Dark undertone, High contrast, Grunge shadows & Cinematic highlights to make his work pop and catch the viewer's eye. His goal is for you to look at a photo and be able to recognize that he's the one who captured it. He loves to use Fisheye/Wide angle lenses and unique poses to distort and contort the subject. Many shots he will finalize using his 10 years of Photoshop experience to do any touch-ups, effects, manipulations, textures, etc. 

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